I Hate Carpet

Do you hate carpet?  This catharsis is for you.

We are not alone...

It’s as simple as that.  I do not understand this unsanitary amenity.

"Bare floors are cold on my feet!"

First-world grievance, much?  Wear slippers.

That may be a little obstinate of me, but why are we so gung-ho about carpet?

"It’s cheaper for landlords to replace!"

How nice for those parasites.

"So vacuum more often!"

It doesn’t work as well as you think.

"Then rip the carpet out."

I’d love to.  Unfortunately, I’m living in a rental.

"Then buy a house!"

Because the housing market is wonderful for buyers, right?

More of a wood floors person too, personally http://t.co/OdHPKLwDri

— Neocities (@neocitiesweb) February 11, 2015